IKEA Hack – Kitchen Island

After looking at 20+ sketchy apartments in my price-range, I found my current abode. A one-bedroom second floor walk-up with free street parking just north of Wrigleyville. Of the 470 cozy square feet , a tiny fraction of it is my kitchen. Despite the full-size stove, built-in microwave, dishwasher, new cabinetry and counter tops, my galley-style set-up has minimal counter and storage space.

My teeny-tiny kitchen

The other side isn’t much to look at. Just the door to the back staircase and my apartment-sized refrigerator.

I needed more room and wasn’t sure what to do. After some pinspiration,  I decided to take two IKEA lack tables from my old apartment and make a kitchen island.

If you went to Ikea now and bought everything, it would be $45

Luckily the nook just outside the kitchen fits the island perfectly


TOTAL COST: $45-50 depending on how much you spend on screws and glue. I already had the tables and screws so it cost me about $30.


  1. Attach the rail to one side of the tabletop. Flip it over, attach four table legs and set aside.
  2. Put together the second table and flip over. Attach the caster wheels to the legs.
  3. Apply a very thin layer of gorilla glue to the legs of the first table you put together. NOTE: This glue expands like crazy and dries white. Apply the glue about a half inch away from the edge. I didn’t realize this and have a visible white seam that spilled over the seam between the tables that I can’t sand away.
  4. Activate the glue with a little water, then take the second table and carefully position it on top of the first table. Let the table set for about an hour.
  5. Turn the island over so it’s right-side up. Place the cutting board on top and the s-hooks on the rail. This cutting board is just shy of a perfect fit and I used it in lieu of opting for an actual butcher block (those are expensive!)

**I ended up buying another LACK table for $4 from the clearance section. The package was open and a couple legs were dinged, but the table top was perfect for an extra bottom shelf. I also added a shelf above the kitchen block for linens and cookbooks.**

VOILA! extra space for kitchen utensils, gadgets, knives, towels, potholders, tupperware and other kitchen items I couldn’t fit into my cabinets.

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