Thirsty Thursday: Spicy Hot Toddy

Classic Hot Toddy

The classic Hot Toddy has spawned tons of yummy variations

Many people sip on hot toddies as a boozy way to soothe sore throats and kick coughs to the curb. I don’t care what anyone says, the flu shot has worked for me this year. (Knock on wood.) so I decided to whip one up because it’s a warm and cozy solution to coping with chilly weather –  and intermittent radiator heat.

The classic recipe is simple and straight-forward:

  • 2 oz bourbon or whiskey
  • Hot water
  • 4-6 cloves
  • lemon wedge or twist
  • brown sugar or honey
  1. Warm a mug (or Irish coffee mug if you’re fancy) with hot water for a couple minutes
  2. Dump the water out and add your sweetener of choice (sugar or honey), cloves, lemon and boiling water
  3. After the sugar dissolves and the cloves and lemon have steeped for a little bit, add your booze, stir and enjoy.

A simple google or Pinterest search showcases sooooo many different variations! I spotted anise seeds, cinnamon , chai, rum, ginger, cranberries, tumeric and even sriracha in various ingredient lists. It’s a lot to take in, so I just decided to wing it with whatever I had accessible.


The first time I had Fireball was at Trace in Wrigleyville. It was 3 a.m.  There are already so many things wrong with this situation.

The first time I had Fireball was at Trace in Wrigleyville. It was 3 a.m and seemed like a really good idea at the time…

Unless I’m baking, I don’t really measure anything. So all these measurements are pretty arbitrary. Add more or less of anything or just nuke the booze and take a swig straight out the bottle. I’ll cringe, but I won’t judge.

  • 1 oz Fireball Whiskey
  • 5 oz Hot water
  • 1 tsp Chai Tea (this is loose tea from Teavanna)
  • Dash of pumpkin pie spice
  • lemon slice (optional)


  1. Steep the Chai in the water to desired strength
  2. Stir in the pumpkin pie spice and whiskey
  3. Add lemon juice/zest


Lemon twists make drinks look fancy

Lemon twists make drinks look fancy


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