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Thrift Haul: Labor Day 2016

I celebrated Labor Day this year spending my cash at the Village Discount in Andersonville…and it was hella worth it. This store has half-price sales on the reg, and with a keen eye, elbow grease and patience, there are some excellent deals out there.

Since moving to Chicago, my thrifting game has tightened up quite a bit. I used to buy things with perceived “minor” imperfections like loose threads, pilling, stains, wonky fit, cheap material or embellishments because it was, like, two dollars.  Or I would find something high-end in decent shape and just buy it for the sake of being a label whore. Oh. And it was, like…two dollars. OR…just because it was like, 10 things for two dollars.

Though I will spend hours trying on anything and everything that remotely strikes my fancy, I exercise much more discretion when it comes to what I actually buy. That being said, I bought: two shirts, two blouses, a button-up flannel, a sweater, two cardigans, two skirts, a dress, a blazer, two coats, two necklaces, and a pair of shoes for $55. Whoa! I spent too much money at a thrift store, you say? Well, it would have been $110 if I hadn’t gone during the half-price sale. So I actually saved $55. (Yes. My rationalization game is very loosey-goosey.)

Behold! The 18 items I found at a thrift store that are totally practical, wearable, and even a little fashion-forward for Fall 2016:

Scroll over the bottom of each thumbnail for brand and price. Linger a bit, and a brief caption will pop out. Click on any image to open the gallery with bigger images, full caption, and descriptions with more details and ways to wear each style.


After buying all this stuff, I was starting to feel a tinge of buyers remorse. I don’t live anywhere near malls or stores. I don’t flip through fashion mags anymore. What if I bought all this stuff and it’s très passé? So I did a little googling and rest assured, I still have a little fashion sense!

Who knew that these colors would be trending for Fall?


photo cred:


photo cred:

Floral prints are still cool in the crisp Fall air


photo cred:


photo cred:

Plaids are still obvi a Fall staple


photo cred:

Chokers are ba-ack!


photo cred:


photo cred:

And the Metal is in the details!


photo cred:


photo cred:

So here are a few outfits I came up with…


Not too shabby, eh? Village Discount’s next half-price sale is September 25 and 26.

What are your thifting tips and tricks? What’s the best thing you’ve ever found at a thrift store or garage sale? Leave a comment below 🙂


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