Almost Holding Hands Q&A with Brittany Flynn

Part of the reason I wanted to start a blog back up was to interview and plug all the awesome women I have met over the years who are doing incredible things as writers, performers, entrepreneurs, comedians, humanitarians, well… you get the gist.

And what a happy coincidence that my friend and former co-worker, Brittany Flynn, has a show opening tonight at the Second City’s Beat Lounge. Flynn, an Uptown resident and Vermont-native, has been slinging drinks and pouring beers in Chicago for four years. When she’s not bartending, crafting or throwing dinner parties, she’s half of musical duo, Evan and Mary Jane. If you’re a fan of feel good, moderately depraved, adult pop comedy music and sentimental beautifully harmonized covers, then stop what you’re doing and buy tickets to their show now!

From she and Evan Mill’s first drunken karaoke duet to now, they have  spent the past couple years performing original songs and covers around the city. You may have caught brief three-song sets at variety shows, showcases, opening for other improv groups, or their run as half of Hey Peter, Bye Peter: A Funny-Ass Rock Show at the Annoyance last April. Almost Holding Hands is their first solo show and opportunity to really showcase their musical talent and comedic writing skills. Whenever I need a good laugh, I dig through the cloud to find my 45 second snippet of these two singing a mash-up of Milkshake by Kelis and My Neck, My Back by Khia. It’s EVERYTHING.

And if my endorsement means nothing to you, it’s completely understandable. But when it makes the RedEye’s list of comedy shows to see this weekend, I mean… c’mon. A show about two overcommitted best friends who are killing the platonic friendship game? Relationship Goals, amirite?

And if I, nor the RedEye, still don’t have you entirely convinced, Brittany just has this to say about why you should check it out.

“Hot performers. Sexy music. Charlie Kaplan on the keys. Evan and I both worked really hard on this show. We spent a lot of time together. Like, a lot. And neither of us murdered the other one, so it was a victory. I love this show.”

Sounds like good advice! Care to share any other wisdom nuggets?

Q: What is something you like to do in the city that is inexpensive?

“Go to all of the parks! There are so many and most of them have beautiful fountains and slides in them! Also, did I mention you can eat all of the food???”

Q: You have a rare night free and $50 to spend. Where are your go-to places for cheap drinks/eats in the city and what do you order?

“The Annoyance Theater. Mick and Jen are f-ing great. Every person who works there is so supportive and fun and stupid and it’s an incredible place to make and keep friends. Also, that bartender Evan is hot.

Also, on Mondays, Fish Bar does an industry night and us industry kids like to hit them up.”

Q: What is the coolest thing you own that was $20 or less?

“I am a collector of weird free crap, so it’s hard to say. I’d go with the clothespin doll my friend Hunter made of me, the Elvis wiener dog I found on the street, or my Bernie Sanders action figure. Or Shelby Pig! She’s a pocket sized pig I carry around and take pictures of living her life.”

Q: What is the weirdest compliment you ever received?

“That was such a great song! You should send it to someone famous to sing!”

Q: What are your thoughts about the state of women in comedy?

“The world is a scary place for women and the ones who can stand up in it and throw it back in your face and make you laugh; you’re champions.”

Q: If 30-something you could give 20-something you any advice, what would it be?

“You’re the most important person in your own life, but other people are just looking for a little love too, so take care of yourself and give the world back some love.”

Q: What do you want for Christmas?

“A bedframe. Better health insurance. Lots of money. A boat…how long can I make this list? I’m very greeeedy.”

Yeesh. I’ll work on the boat thing, but how about I come to opening night?
I’ll be there at 9 p.m., Friday September 9 at the Beat Lounge,  230 W. North Avenue – 2nd Floor. Tickets are $13 and the show runs every Friday night until September 30.


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