Thirsty Thursday: Lemon Ginger Toddy

Last week, at Southport Grocery & Cafe, I spotted some fancy honey in the shelves. They always have great local and artisanal products, and I like to buy something whenever I stop in for a bite. What I thought was seasonal allergies turned into a full-blown cold when the coughing set in and I was looking for a little relief.


The weather has barely turned from summer to fall and I already have the sniffles?! But it’s cool, because on this rainy fall evening, I decideded to crack open my fancy, locally-sourced Lemon Ginger Honey by senTEAmental moods, a Chicago based tea company and make a hot toddy.

 “Fresh organic ginger, juiced lemons and all natural raw honey blended to create an ultra smooth delicious topping. Use it alone or with tea to soothe irritated throats.” – product description

“Alone or with tea…” or… with whiskey? Sounds like a good investment to me!


While the water was heating up in the kettle, I opened up the jar and the sweet and spicy aroma immediately wafted through the kitchen. This sauce (?) is definitely packed with lemon and ginger. You can’t really see lemon rind, tiny pieces of lemon seeds and ginger pieces suspended in the jar until you’ve mixed it into the liquid and it’s melted. I’ve been keeping the jar at room-temp, so when I stirred it up, it was defintiely more liquidy than honey.


Since I’m a lightweight, all I did was add 1.5 oz of whiskey (I used Jack Daniels Honey) to 10 oz of water and added the honey to taste. (about 2 tbsp.)


I bough this mug in 2010 after seeing my first Sketch Review. At the time, I lived in the burbs and was trying to go into marketing. Improv classes had never crossed my mind. 

Easy Peasy Lemon (Ginger) Squeezy!

The sauce is also “Great on vegetables, toast, fish and other foods!” So I’m going to sip on this drink while I peruse pinterest for recipes.


Here’s another hot toddy recipe from my blog


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