Women's cropped brown leather bomber jacket

Thrift Haul: September 2016

It’s been a week into Fall and I’m thoroughly enjoying the transition into cooler weather. It’s time for boots…but too early to bust out layers of puffer jackets, ya know? Over the weekend, I hit up my neighborhood Village Discount  during their half-off everything sale with an hour to kill and budget of $20 to buy some cute stuff for fall. I walked out with 5 items and had $5 left over.

Roll over each photo for the description to pop up! 

COZY Long cardigan, $3.00
(retail $54.95)

  • Cardigans have been a staple in my cavernous closet since, like 2001, but patterned long cardis are expensive or not neutral enough to go with stuff I already have. I found this cardigan haphazardly draped over a rack by the mirror and decided to pick it up and try it on. It’s acrylic, but there was hardly any pilling around the arms or sides. And the seams are perfectly aligned with minimal fraying where the yarn colors were switched. My biggest pet-peeve with striped clothing is when they don’t line up at seams. The neutral, muted color palate and simple fair-aisle pattern also sealed the deal.

FLORAL Long-sleeve tee, $2.00
(retail $18.00)

  • Even when I lived in the burbs, I hardly shopped at Kohl’s. So Sonoma is a brand I’m not entirely familiar with. I also don’t have a lot of long-sleeve shirts, so this shirt’s great, though because I have a thing for florals. Florals and cardigans.

CROPPED faux leather jacket, $3.00
(retail $45.00)

  • Okay, so yes. I know that Liz Lange is totes maternity wear. And my eggo is not preggo. But, truth be told, maternity cut clothing works for my body type. Cue sad-face emoji. In addition to being short, I am incredibly short-waisted and the cropped clothing and empire waist lets me wear short jacket hems without it cutting me at my widest.

LEATHER jacket, $6.00
(resell market ~$74.00)

  • I must confess, when I saw this buttery-soft jacket, the price tag was obscuring the label. I saw “HUGO B…” and then thought, “OMG it’s Hugo m*thaf*ckin’ Boss!” I tried it on. It fit. The shoulder pads  gave me a split-second puase. But bought it anyways. AND THEN, when I went to take the tag off while taking pictures of my haul…I saw Buscati. And I was like, “Who the eff is Hugo Buscati?” After an unreasonably difficult Google search, I’ll tell you who this Italian sounding mofo is…a brand created and trademarked by Victoria Secret. LOL. In retrospect, the style and proportions of the jacket are reminiscent of 90’s glamazon catwalkers. And I definitely wouldn’t have bought it. But it’s mine now, and I’ll figure it out.

SMOKING slippers, $1.00
(retail $37.99)

  • I have been really slow getting onboard the smoking slipper loafer bandwagon. When a women’s cut surfaced a few years ago, I tried it and hated how it looked on my foot. But I also thought the same thing about pointy toe heels and flats, and now they are also a closet staple. On a whim, I tried these on and was pleasantly surprised. Suede, comfortably broken in, and ONE DOLLAR? Sold. What I also like about these shoes is the slight wedge, which eases foot and knee pain for this old broad. Thanks Easy Spirit! Now that I am firmly entrenched in my mid-thirties, I am incredibly comfortable admitting that I have a pair.

I’m super stoked (and impressed with myself) that I scored some great finds this month! I spent $15.00 and got over $229.00 worth of clothing. The next half-price sale is October 10. Maybe I can cobble together a Halloween costume?

Check out my $50 18-piece thrift haul from Labor Day!  

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